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    First post

    I’m starting this blog to share my path in becoming a goldsmith. I wanted to be a designer or someone with a creative job when I was younger. I grew up, life and my fears brought me in a totally different place.

    I don’t regret my choices: I learned a lot from all the things I’ve done since now and I knew my beautiful husband in the meantime.

    I met my passion for goldsmith quite late (I’m 28) but I’m committed to became the best goldsmith I can be. I already did some metal-smith courses and I’m reading everything I can about it

    I’m planning to share here all the things related to my journey in the jewelry world (and maybe also something else)

    Note: making the first post of a new blog it’s really difficult, hope this will get easier


    • Mika

      It was a beautiful coincidence to find your blog today! I’m in the same situation, working and studying metalsmith. Sometimes it’s tough, like today, and this little coincidence, when you find someone like you, committed to became the best of what one can be, it’s simply inspiring. Glad to know about you! Thanks for sharing your experience and good luck in all this beautiful journey! Big hugs!

      26 November 2014

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