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    My first esty shop – cartonBois

    Right now I have an etsy shop called metalandgrete, this is the evolution of my previous etsy shop that was called cartonBois. I started making jewelry with a material called finnboard (a sort of cardboard made of wooden paste). I used finnboard in college to make architectural models, I had a lot of material left when I finished so I started using it to create jewelry. I soon became very passionate about esty, and I loved to ship worldwide my creations… but after a year I started to feel a little bit constrained in my creation process, and also to think that I wanted to create something that could last more. I turned to metal and started a metalsmith course, than I swiched my cartonBois shop in Metal&Grete. The process is not easy, I had a certain amount of cartonBois listing and I used to sell every week something, now I just have few products in my shop, that translates in very few visits and no sales. Making metalsmith pieces takes more time that making cartonBois pieces, and also requires more tools and more knowledge. Still I wouldn’t go back to cartonBois , it was nice and I loved it but I really think that with metals I can express my creativity better and learning metal-smith techniques is really wonderful. That said I definitely want to change the situation in my shop about the lack of sales, to do that the first more important thing I need to do is focus on making more products…. so maybe is better if I go straight to the bench right?

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