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    Enamelling experiences

    I took a trial class of enameling, the ancient art of fusing glass on metals.

    I was very curious about this technique, I already had read about it on this book (I really loved it, there are very well explained processes but also great photos of contemporary jewelry that I found so inspiring).

    I was really happy with the trial class but decided not to sign in for the entire course yet , for those reasons:

    1- I’m already doing a weekend course in wax carving, with the few free time left from my day job I fell like I don’t have to overload my schedule with courses or I won’t have the time to try at home and really learn the technique of the course at his best

    2- I like enamel when it’s used in unconventional ways, I know that for breaking the rules you have to know them before, but I want to experiment a little bit of my own this time before learning the technique in order to try to keep a fresh and super creative approach at this material

    for this second reason, I bought just the minimum the I need to experiment a little bit with the technique:

    • Stainless Steel Firing Stilts
    • Woven Mesh Rack Stainless Steel
    • Gum Solution
    • Leadfree Transparent Enamel flux
    • Leadfree Opaque Enamel White
    • Leadfree Transparent Enamel Grass Green

    all from cooksongold

    I would write in a different post how my experience went, hope not a completely failure.


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