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    Bench Tip: staying productive

    One of the biggest trick for me in order to stay productive at the bench is: listening to great podcasts.

    One of the reasons I would love to became a jewelry maker full time is that I will be able to listen all day long to what I want, and learning new things while working. I usually prefer listen with headphones, this way I am not bothered by all the filing, sawing, hammering noises that I’m making.

    I’m really into history learning right know so I’m following a course at open yale in medieval history. I also fund this podcast from bbc that has some years but it’s new to me: a history of the world in an hundred object 

    There are also a great jewelry related podcast full with inspirational talks and tips: whaley studios.

    Other podcast that I listen to are: serial, death sex and money, in our time … and a lot of other podcast in italian and in spanish.


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