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    Coesive collections vs one of a kind pieces

    when I first decided to switch over my shop to my metalsmith pieces I decided to design a cohesive collection, And I intended to continue to launch new full collection every 4 months or so. I set a deadline for opening my shop with my new collection, but then I failed to finish in time and arrived very very late on my schedule. I understood that it’s very difficult having a day job to work on a full collection, you will end up adding delay very easily because the time you can dedicate to the shop is so limited. I decided then to start adding single pieces, so that I could add things on a regularly basis and getting some positive momentum and satisfaction. I did that for some time but I was not happy with that arrangement neither, I couldn’t see a really strong brand coming out from all that different pieces.

    I think know that the best things to do will be doing small collection, maybe starting from a single piece that came out really good, developing a similar style with small variation.

    So here there are some photos of my first collection and of small group of pieces that I did later. I intend to develop new pieces starting from the cloud earrings and adding more enameled earrings.



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