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    schmuck 2015

    Last march I went to Munich to visit a very famous contemporary jewelry exhibition SCHMUCK. I intended to write a post about it right away, but I found myself procrastinate it more and more finally I decided to write it now even if some months are past.

    First of all a little but of contest, the jewelry exhibition Schmuck is held during the International Trade Fair Munich. This was the 56th Special Jewellery Show, this time they were 63 jewelers from around the world featured.

    I bought the exhibition catalog, with this post I put some photos of it so that you can get an idea of the style that is shown, as you can see is a kind of jewelry that is often experimental and absolutely contemporary, a form of art more that a “simple” craft. I really liked some of the pieces that were exposed, I have to admit that I don’t enjoyed the one that were more “extreme” in a sense, but I understand that for be really original and to bring totally new ideas in the jewelry work sometime is necessary to cross the borders and I found that all the things exposed had an idea behind them. The artist that I liked the most were Kaori Juzu, Susanne Elstner, Cristoph Straube (some of this weren’t in the main exhibition but still in the Fair hall)

    At the same time in the city center there are countless parallel exposition, in art galleries, shops, everywhere…. I liked the parallel expositions even more that the main one, I think that is because in every exposition there were more pieces from a single jeweler, also the way the pieces were exposed were part of the presentation and walking from a little gallery to another allowed me to put space between the various artists and appreciate them more.  The jeweler outside that I liked the most was Mariko Sumioka.

    There were also a lot of others artist that I liked but I couldn’t take photos in every places (or I fell intimidated to take photos in some places).

    I also was thrilled to look at a small exposixion of works by Hermann Jünger, my favorite jeweler in absolute

    There were a big exposition about the famous jeweler Anton Cepka at The International Design Museum Munich, I bought the catalog here as well, I liked his style  very “robotic”,  contemporary but with some timeless pieces.

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