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    Why people buy jewelry?

    Since I changed my shop from cartonbois to Metal&Grete I saw a huge decrement in sales, that’s hilarious because before the switch I was actually thinking that producing jewelry in metal (more resistant, more similar to the concept of jewelry that people has) would be a plus in my shop, and that I would increase the sales don’t the contrary.

    Since the opposite happened I decided that I need to change things uo in my shop, because obviously somenthing isn’t working. I have already plans for the changes that I will make and I’m working at them already, but I in this post I want to tell the first step that brought me to my solution:  an analysis of why people buy jewelry. this is not a complete analysis, just a brainstorming that I did in order to try to come up with something that will actually meets the exigence of people).

    Reason to buy jewlery:

    • for themselves
      • to wear with a particular outfit
      • just because they like it so much
      • because is on trend
      • to remember a particular place
      • to remember a special event
      • for a wedding
      • to wear at a special event
      • for a collection
    • for others
      • gift for birthday
      • engagement
      • gift for best men or maid of honor
      • to be forgiven
      • to be remembered
      • as a gift to mark a special event
      • as a gift to be remebered by someone who is leaving
      • for a baptise
      • as an award for some result
      • for a graduation
      • mother day
      • father day
      • to deliver a message
      • to mark an happy milestone

    Of course there are many more, and some of them are just subgroups of others, do you have any other to add?

    Taking the time to think about this and to write them down helped me develop my new collection on which I’m working right now… more posts about that to come

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