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    Quit or finish?

    Sometimes when I’m working on something I make mistake (ok not sometimes, always). Other times the piece don’t come out as I imagined it to be, the idea and the 3d real version of it are two very different things. For those reasons I’m temped to quit some pieces in the middle of the construction, but then I remembered what my goldsmith teacher always told us: to finish every piece that we start. I think I was right and I always try to finish everything,maybe just to learn from my mistakes, the construction of a jewel is a complicated process from start to finish and is better to do the maximum practice possible in all the steps, plus you get a special felling of accomplishment from every completed work. When I was In the middle of the making of this bracelet I was almost giving up, the feeling of it wasn’t quite right, but I went trough, it’s not my favorite piece by far, but I’m proud of having finished it.

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