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    New keychain gift collection

    As I mentioned in a previous post I realized that one of the main reason buy jewelry is to make a gift. So I started thinking about a collection that could be highly gift-able. I ended up creating some keychains each thought to be the right gift for a specific moment. You can find the collection on etsy here. I made this collection using the technique of wax carving.  I started out willing to take photo of the entire process but as always happens to me I got so concentrated in the making that I forget to take photo from a certain point on.

    Here there are anyway the photo that I got to take before getting to lost in my work.

    I really enjoyed working on this collection because I really planned the shapes, the packaging, the purpose of the pieces, the marketing campaign on social network etc. There is a 4th piece in my mind that I didn’t arrive to make in time, I’ll probably adding it later on… this time I promise I will do a lot of process photo so that I maybe will be able to do a tutorial post next time.


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