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    Jewelry Photo shoot with props

    I wanted to try to make more lifestyle photo for my keychain collection.

    I tended to shoot neutral photo with white or whitish background, I still think that on etsy the photo with white background pop up better in a page full of product during search, but I noticed that in the etsy email or instagram account the featured product usually are in “lifestyle” kind of photo.

    For lifestyle photo I mean a photo where the product it’s shown in use, with props around it that communicate a story way better than a plain white photo.

    I researched props around the home for this photo-shoot, since I was going to photograph keychain I needed of course keys, a small dish, a picture for background, I added also some big stone and pine cone. I think that one of the most important things for a lifestyle shoot is having props that not antagonize the product, it is important that it’s always clear what is the product that it’s for sale. I was worried that the second dish that I used, the white and blue one would end up being to complicated to work as background, but with the help of the blurring effect of the camera, putting in focus the keychain and letting all the rest be blurred,  I find that it really work great.

    As you noticed my cat tried to became a prop of the photo-shoot too, maybe next time if he learns to stay still


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