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First Month in Florence

One month has past since my move to Florence, the city is really beautiful and living here I’m starting to appreciate it more and more behind the “wall” of tourist. I really enjoy the part of town where we rented our apartment: the Oltrarno, it’s the borough with less tourism in the centre, and it’s also full of artisanal shops.

Here it is a pick of my street in the morning


Oltrarno it’s  still very close to the main attractions, two minutes and we are at Ponte Vecchio


I’m also really liking the school, here it’s a couple of picture of what I made so far, first a project that was the same for all of us, just to understand the level of everyone

IMG_8333 copia

Now I’m working one the first “real” project of the year, I’m making a pendant (now in brass to make a sort of mock up of the piece, then I will make it in silver).


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