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First school project

I’ve finally completed the first big project a school, (I also almost finished a second one, but that is a story for another post).

The theme was construction of hollow objects, I did a necklace inspired by the mountains of my native region.


This is the final design of the necklace

IMG_8666 Some process picture


In order to create the “mountain” feeling on the surface of certain part of the necklace I used the reticulation technique, I wanted to learn properly this technique since forever. I learned that the “secret” is making a silver alloy with less silver that the traditional 925 sterling, I used a 830 alloy and it worked great.


For the superior part of the necklace I used the skyline of the mountains “Dolomiti di Brenta” that you can see from my native village


And this is the final piece, I don’t have a great picture because I had to give the necklace to the school for an exposition that they were doing. I will add nicer photos next month.

I learned a lot from this piece and I hope to use the reticulation technique in a lot of new pieces for my etsy shop

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