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    Second school project

    I’m really proud of how this pair of earrings turned out, I think they are fabulous if I can so myself. Scansione 3

    This is the design of the earrings, I initially planned on having snowflake made of multiple stones instead of a single gemstone for earrings, I simplified the design for time reasons but I think that they are nicer this way finally.


    I was able to learn the technique of chasing and repoussè during the process, it is a technique that forms the metal with the use of chasing tools (like the ones you see on the picture), a hammer, a bowl of black pitch and a ton of patience


    In this technique you work booth from behind and from the front of the pieces

    orecchini finiti10

    and here there are the final earrings.

    The gemstones are rutilated quartz, I think that they really convey a “Ice Feeling”, with the golden lines almost freezed in place.

    Do you like them? let me know.



    • Yahaira Malkenhorst

      Hello Grete,
      I really love your work!
      I stumbled across your blog while searching for wax carving techniques on the web. Your story really resonated with me- I’ve always loved creating things, but fell into the mentality that I had to pick a “safe” career. Likewise, I have followed my passion of jewelry making. However, I live in the U.S. and jewelry schools are few and far between. I am interested to know what jewelry school you attend in Florence as I am considering studying abroad. Thank you for your time.-Yahaira

      24 July 2018

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