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    Third school project

    The third project that we made is school is the more ambitious of the year. We made bracelets with hinges, this kind of work takes a long time and a lot of precision.

    This is the design of the bracelet, I was inspired by wood and I really wanted to incorporate gold foil for the wood veins.

    I used the technique of chasing and repoussè during the process like I did in the second process, but I used a steel block instead of  the black pitch  because I wanted the back of the bracelet to stay flat.

    The most delicate moment was the soldering of the hinges on the back of the bracelet, very scary moment but it went all right

    During the process I got to learn a very nice technique called Keum-Boo  that is used to apply gold foil to silver, is a very meditative process.

    This is the final product, Im so proud of it. I think is the more stunning piece I ever made.

    What do you think? let me know.

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