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Grand Opening

I Finally opened up my Physical Lab – shop. I’m very proud of the end result of our decor choices.

The floor is a beautiful dark wood and green tiles in the lab part, the ceiling is also wood (old wood). I was able to use a lot of vintage pieces that I already had, the most beautiful is a old work table that was my grandfather’s. I still miss a piece to have it all completed, a painting that I want to hang behind the cash desk ( I hope to buy one soon, I already saw it)

As I write this post I already spent a week with the shop opened, I’m very satisfied with the levels of sales that I already did in just the first few days.

I was so nervous the night before the opening, I’m a very shy person and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to function well as a shop owner. I’m very pleasantly surprised that I’m instead very calm and very comfortable speaking with all the clients and visitors.

I deployed a few strategies to be more in my comfort zone, the most important one is putting out all the prices. Usually in the jewelry shops the prices are not visible, I would be awkward answering queried about prices so I decided to write them all out instead. One other thing that I did was displaying a lot of my jewelry (simple rings) in open cases so that people can try them on independently. I found that people like it very much and I don’t feel pushy at all.

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