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Grete Bottamedi, solo entrepreneur


Since I was a little girl I have loved creating things. I wanted to study jewelry design but… I got stuck in the “getting a secure job” mentality. I ended up doing the safe thing and studying engineering and architecture. However, my love for jewelry lived on and I started to create pieces with the materials that I used to make architecture models, a special type of cardboard made with wood paste.

I liked making jewelry with cardboard but I wanted to make pieces that could last forever. I started taking metalsmithing classes on the weekends in the nearby city of Vicenza, while working as an engineer during the week. Vicenza is a city with a long tradition in goldsmithing. I have great teachers there that continue to share with me their knowledge about traditional techniques.

I then quitted my day job in Trento as an engineer to follow my passion fully and I enrolled in a Metalsmith school in Florence, where I improved my skills and confidence.

Now I’ve opened a small laboratory-shop in my home village in the Dolomites, here I create jewelry inspired by the mountains and by nature.

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