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My goal with Metal & Grete is to create beautiful jewelry inspired by the Dolomites around me. My handmade pieces are designed to give you the opportunity to bring home a memory from the mountains, or to dream about them from afar. I work in a small laboratory-shop in my village, if you can come and visit me here, if you can't just click on to my online shop


Loving my ring! It perfectly fits my simple style and expresses my love for nature. Thank you Grete!
I've now ordered two pairs of these earrings - I liked the pair I ordered for myself so much that I ordered another pair for my daughter. I think she loves them even more than I do!
Beautiful, high quality earrings - they look stylish on, and unique, love them. Thanks! 😀
This is a fantastic little piece! Grete did an amazing job. It looks and feels great and makes a very thoughtful little gift for the right occasion. Grete was a pleasure to work with and very accommodating. She went above and beyond in trying to have this ready and shipped to me in time for a specific date and even made sure to follow up to make sure I got it.
One of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry I have ever received! I love it so much. The detail is amazing and perfect. Thank you so much!!

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+ - Inspiration

My pieces are generally inspired by nature, and specifically by the dolomites. I have collections inspired by snow, rocks, trees, animals and lakes.

+ - Process

All my pieces are handmade. I use a lot of different techniques, I work both with castings and with hand fabrication at the jewelry bench. I use vitreous enamels and precious gemstone to give color at the pieces.

+ - Why the name Metal and Grete?

My name is Grete, growing up everyone always made puns about it using the “Hansel and Gretel” tale, so I chose to make one myself with “Metal and Grete”. I know is not super clear but still reflects my journey with metal, learning how to use is to create beautiful jewelry.

I also do custom work. Interested in gifting something unique?
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