If you’d like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.


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    Since I was a little girl I have loved creating things. I wanted to study design and, especially, jewelry design but… I got stuck in the “getting a secure job” mentality. I ended up doing the safe thing and studying engineering and architecture. However, my love for jewelry lived on and I started to create pieces with the materials that I used to make architecture models, a special type of cardboard made with wood paste.

    I liked making jewelry with cardboard but I wanted to make pieces that could last forever. I started taking metalsmithing classes on the weekends in the nearby city of Vicenza, while working as an engineer during the week. Vicenza is a city with a long tradition in goldsmithing. I have great teachers there that continue to share with me their knowledge about traditional techniques.

    I recently quit my day job in Trento as sn engineer to follow my passion fully and I’m currently enrolled in a Metalsmith school in Florence, where I hope to improve my skills in order to open a small laboratory.
    In my Florence apartment I have set up a little house lab in a corner of my living room.
    Here I share the place with my handsome, supportive husband who is willing to help me with anything and my cat Banana who enforces cleanliness by knocking over everything that I leave out.

    When I’m not working at the bench or studying at school, you can find me either listening to podcasts, reading novels or the New York Times, watching Netflix, cuddling with my husband or my cat, or visiting modern art shows.

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