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First of all, how are you? It's been a long time since I wrote on the blog and I wish I could do it in a happier moment. The pandemic is a really difficult situation and first of all I would like to thank everyone who is working to overcome this moment. Like all shops, the laboratory is also closed, and I am not sure how much I can work even when I reopen. My shop is in a tourist

I Finally opened up my Physical Lab - shop. I'm very proud of the end result of our decor choices. The floor is a beautiful dark wood and green tiles in the lab part, the ceiling is also wood (old wood). I was able to use a lot of vintage pieces that I already had, the most beautiful is a old work table that was my grandfather's. I still miss a piece to have it all completed, a painting that

I'm the mist of doing a very big renovation in order to open up my laboratory-shop. There are so many things to decide and do, starting from bureaucratic processes to buying machinery and choosing furniture. I'm very stressed out by this process, I was hoping to enjoy it very much but instead I worry all the time and I don't feel equipped to do it all. Luckily my great husband is helping me so much with all the things that stress

I had the pleasure to have one of my pieces in an exhibition at Cominelli Foundation on the beautiful lake Garda. The theme of the award was brooches inspired by the lake Garda. One striking characteristic of Lake Garda is the contrast between the steep limestone mountains and vast expanse of turquoise water. The brooch conveys the tension between the angular, protruding shapes of the mountains and the sweet calm of the lake water.The contrast between these elements is underlined by

This weekend one of my pieces will be at the "Premio Comielli" Exhibition, in one wonderful location on lake Garda. My piece is a brooch inspired by the lake,  that was the theme this year. I'm looking forward to see the exhibition, I hope to meet other jewelers and I'm sure that I will se so many beautiful creations. Questo fine settimana uno dei miei pezzi sarà esposto al premio Cominelli, in una bellisima location sul lago di Garda. Si tratta

After the end of the school year I decided to take an intensive course in design so that I could be able to plan my new collections for the future. I decided to get inspired by the pieces that I did during the year and start from them to create 5 collections (or the first pieces of the collections). I did pieces inspired by the dolomites, wood, moss, lakes and ice I learned how to do rendering of jewels with watercolors,

This is my last school project, I was really in a hurry trying to finish it and I'm not super happy of the results, this is also the only piece that I have left at school (we had to choose one piece to leave at school). This is the design of the necklace, it is inspired by waterfalls. Since it was the very last project at the school and I was really under a lot of pressure to finish it in time

For the fifth school project we had to do a necklace with strings of gemstones. I was inspired by moss and the forest in generale This is the design of the necklace I was able to use wood for the first time in this project, I was really exited about that, I'm going to use wood a lot in my future I hope. I practiced setting stones in this project, I'm really bad doing it, but I was able to set enough of

I was able to finish my third project at school a little ahead of the others students so I was able to start a piece to partecipate in a jewelry contest. My fourth school work is a brooch inspired by lake Garda (the theme of the contest) This is the design of the brooch, I was inspired by the contrast between the mountains and the lake, both in shape and colors. I used the technique of chasing and repoussè again, it is

The third project that we made is school is the more ambitious of the year. We made bracelets with hinges, this kind of work takes a long time and a lot of precision. This is the design of the bracelet, I was inspired by wood and I really wanted to incorporate gold foil for the wood veins. I used the technique of chasing and repoussè during the process like I did in the second process, but I used a steel block instead

I'm really proud of how this pair of earrings turned out, I think they are fabulous if I can so myself.  This is the design of the earrings, I initially planned on having snowflake made of multiple stones instead of a single gemstone for earrings, I simplified the design for time reasons but I think that they are nicer this way finally. I was able to learn the technique of chasing and repoussè during the process, it is a technique that forms

I've finally completed the first big project a school, (I also almost finished a second one, but that is a story for another post). The theme was construction of hollow objects, I did a necklace inspired by the mountains of my native region. This is the final design of the necklace  Some process picture In order to create the "mountain" feeling on the surface of certain part of the necklace I used the reticulation technique, I wanted to learn properly this technique since forever.

One month has past since my move to Florence, the city is really beautiful and living here I'm starting to appreciate it more and more behind the "wall" of tourist. I really enjoy the part of town where we rented our apartment: the Oltrarno, it's the borough with less tourism in the centre, and it's also full of artisanal shops. Here it is a pick of my street in the morning Oltrarno it's  still very close to the main attractions, two minutes

We moved to Florence. After some years working as an engineer by day and as a Jeweler by night I decided to take a big step and dedicate one year full time to my jewelry making passion. I enrolled in a school in Florence where I will be improving my skills in metalsmith, and I will keep doing my jewelry but with more time at hand. I'm booth scared and excited about this new adventure, I had to leave behind my beloved

I'm very happy to share a really important piece. My parents had their forty years wedding anniversary last week. My father commissioned me this gold seahorse brooch as a gift for my mother. She had a similar one once that my grandfather (who was a dentist) had made starting with a seahorse skeleton. The brooch was sadly stolen years ago. I didn't had any skeleton so I had to carve the seahorse from scratch on wax. In the eye of the seahorse

I did a new collection with four enamel silver earrings: yellow, green, blue and teal. I think they turned up very pretty and with the joyous vibe that I'm trying to put in my shop more and more lately. I really love playing with enamels lately and I'm in the middle of making a new ring collections that will use enamels even more.

I'm finally able to share some pictures of a bracelet that I did last Christmas for my mother (a gift ordered to me by my dad, I really appreciate family members helping my business ordering pieces from me). Having a custom order with creative freedom and a relative big budget is just the best, I was able to create a more ambitious piece, working on it for multiple nights. I experimented with reticulation (definition of the technique clicking on the link) for

I became 30 last week, I was worried that I would have been kind of sad so I arranged to have a great week to celebrate the milestone. I went to Budapest with my husband and then I had a party at home with friends. Budapest it's really a great city, and in two days we managed to do a lot of things: Visit the beautiful parliament with golden ceiling Visit a beautiful church with interesting pattern decoration Going to the

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