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    I had a custom order from my neighbor to do a pair of cuff-links for her husband birthday. I did a geometric figure that seems like 3d cubes. It's all hand-fabricated  from sterling silver sheet and wire. I'm super pleased with the result and I'm considering doing them for my shop, maybe as earrings as well as cuff-links. What do you think? do you like them?    

    In my city Trento there is a great castle called Buonconsiglio (good advice), I pass in front of it every day to go to my day job. I realized last week that I visited it just a couple of times when I was little, and my husband who live here since college never went. So we decided to visit the castle this past week-end. It was great, I really like be a tourist in my own city.

    I'm making a pair of wedding bands. Wedding band are simple piece of jewelry from the technical point of view, but their meaning is so important that is difficult to not be affected by it. I was very nervous making them, also a little bit scared working with gold. They are turning out great, I just need to do a little adjusting of a size and then they will be done (not my fault, luckily,  the guy gave me a smaller size) I

    With not so much time after my day job it's difficult to finish really complicated jewelry pieces. Some weeks it becomes frustrating to not see anything finished on the bench. So every once in a while I just make some very simple pieces that can be completed in a night, it's difficult for me because my designs always tend to be complicated and I'm very good in getting into troubles. So last week I made some simple rings, and I'm

    I wanted to try to make more lifestyle photo for my keychain collection. I tended to shoot neutral photo with white or whitish background, I still think that on etsy the photo with white background pop up better in a page full of product during search, but I noticed that in the etsy email or instagram account the featured product usually are in "lifestyle" kind of photo. For lifestyle photo I mean a photo where the product it's shown in use, with

    As I mentioned in a previous post I realized that one of the main reason buy jewelry is to make a gift. So I started thinking about a collection that could be highly gift-able. I ended up creating some keychains each thought to be the right gift for a specific moment. You can find the collection on etsy here. I made this collection using the technique of wax carving.  I started out willing to take photo of the entire process

    Sometimes when I'm working on something I make mistake (ok not sometimes, always). Other times the piece don't come out as I imagined it to be, the idea and the 3d real version of it are two very different things. For those reasons I'm temped to quit some pieces in the middle of the construction, but then I remembered what my goldsmith teacher always told us: to finish every piece that we start. I think I was right and I

    We have a new beautiful cat: Banana. He's so cute that I had to post a gallery of his photos We had a very loved grey cat called Gardel, he sadly passed away at the beginning of the year. He was very into jewelry making, always on my bench trying to "help" me. This new cat Banana is with us since just a couple of weeks but it is already starting to wanting to "help" me in my drawing for a new

    Last march I went to Munich to visit a very famous contemporary jewelry exhibition SCHMUCK. I intended to write a post about it right away, but I found myself procrastinate it more and more finally I decided to write it now even if some months are past. First of all a little but of contest, the jewelry exhibition Schmuck is held during the International Trade Fair Munich. This was the 56th Special Jewellery Show, this time they were 63 jewelers from around the world featured. I bought the

    when I first decided to switch over my shop to my metalsmith pieces I decided to design a cohesive collection, And I intended to continue to launch new full collection every 4 months or so. I set a deadline for opening my shop with my new collection, but then I failed to finish in time and arrived very very late on my schedule. I understood that it's very difficult having a day job to work on a full collection, you

    I finally had the possibility to try out a little bit of the enameling stuff that I bought, with mixed results. I'm quite happy because I was able to torch fire the enamel, but I couldn't do it with the firing stilts I had to put my piece of metal directly on the rack mesh, this could be a problem if I have to put enamel on both side of the piece. So I think I would probably try to

    One of the biggest trick for me in order to stay productive at the bench is: listening to great podcasts. One of the reasons I would love to became a jewelry maker full time is that I will be able to listen all day long to what I want, and learning new things while working. I usually prefer listen with headphones, this way I am not bothered by all the filing, sawing, hammering noises that I'm making. I'm really into history learning

    I took a trial class of enameling, the ancient art of fusing glass on metals. I was very curious about this technique, I already had read about it on this book (I really loved it, there are very well explained processes but also great photos of contemporary jewelry that I found so inspiring). I was really happy with the trial class but decided not to sign in for the entire course yet , for those reasons: 1- I'm already doing a weekend course

    As I mentioned before my jewelry designs tend to be a little squared. Sometimes I regret to be so squared, but sometimes my things came out just right because they are so squared. This is the case of my lastest piece, it didn't came out tecniqually perfect so I'm keeping it for myself but I will make a version to sell with an other stone. I'm really happy with the look of this ring, I think is geometric and squared without being

    Has I wrote in my previous post I'm taking jewelry making classes in the week-ends. I'm learning wax carving right now. I'm just at the beginning of this technique but I'm already seeing the great possibilities that are in it, especially for curved and sculptured shapes. I think I will always prefer working directing on metal (I love to solder) but wax carving with allow me to combine more "morbid" shapes in my jewelry, I tend to be a little

    I'm so excited  to have a brand new tool in my studio:  a doriot motor. It has the same use of a pendant motor but this vibrate less, and we use this kind of motor in my metalsmith school, so I'm used to it. I'm so excited that now I can cut my productions times and make some task easier, like sanding in some case (I really hate sanding).    

    Right now I have an etsy shop called metalandgrete, this is the evolution of my previous etsy shop that was called cartonBois. I started making jewelry with a material called finnboard (a sort of cardboard made of wooden paste). I used finnboard in college to make architectural models, I had a lot of material left when I finished so I started using it to create jewelry. I soon became very passionate about esty, and I loved to ship worldwide my

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