If you’d like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.


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Mushroom necklace


This pendant is inspired by mushrooms. The materials are sterling silver and blue-green vitreous enamel.

This necklace is a truly unique unique piece that does not go unnoticed.

The necklace is handmade and for this reason it may have irregularities. The necklace that you see in the picture is the one that you will receive.

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Shipping is free all over the world, but without tracking code (outside Italy). However, in case of loss of the package, I guarantee a full refund of the purchase or a new shipment chosen by the customer. I ship orders within 5 days of payment, shipping times vary depending on the country (a couple of days in Italy, about a week in Europe, and a couple of weeks in the rest of the world).

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